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For our Boarders who own or Lease a Horse:


Flat Rate Individual Lesson - $75/lesson
Monthly lesson packages also available.


Our lessons are available to boarders at a flat individual rate or can be purchased in a package. We are not a public riding lesson barn; we are a private boutique show barn and young horse program.  However, we do allow haul in lessons at an individual rate per  lesson to those that do not board with us. A haul-in grounds fee applies.  Please refer to our Paperwork Tab for more information on prices.


You normally must own or lease your own horse to be in the Sekanic Show Stables program.  We only have a select few school horses (who are quality show horses) at Sekanic Show Stables at this time; however priority is given to those who are looking for care leases, half leases or full leases.  We also pride ourselves in matching riders with the perfect fit, so we can help you find your first horse or your next horse. If this seems like something you would be interested in, check out our Sales page for more information and contact us.

However, The Roan Club offers a lesson program for those getting started and not quite ready to lease or own that funnels riders into our show program if desired.  Please feel free to reach out for contact information regarding these lessons.

About our Lesson Style:


Customized & Goal oriented lessons built on a foundation of

Horsemanship, Sportsmanship & Competition


Our lesson program is geared towards the serious and dedicated rider who is looking to set goals and work hard to achieve them, but have some fun along the way. Horsemanship, sportsmanship, and healthy competition are at the forefront of our program that is then customized to fit each individual horse and rider. Not every rider learns the same way, so we don’t expect you to fit in a box; Brittany will always try to find a solution to a problem.  She believes there are at least 5 different ways to describe or teach one thing and always in a professional and patient teaching style.  


In our lesson program you will learn everything from basic horse care, first aid, horse training, braiding, clipping, veterinarian care and farrier care alongside your riding lesson; we feel that the more you know about all aspects of the horse industry the better rider and horse owner you will be.  We will never keep you in the dark about this side of the industry, because we feel our sport is more than just riding.  Our main goal is to shape a personalized program for each rider and horse that will set them up for success and help them to reach their own goals. Whether your goal is attending your first horse show, learning to jump, campaigning on the circuit to secure a spot on a college team, attending the prestigious indoor horse shows, enjoying a winter horse show wonderland in Florida, qualifying for the Equitation Finals, learning to train a young horse from the ground up, winning year end honors, learning true horsemanship and sportsmanship or just taking lessons for the pure enjoyment of that special bond with your horse, Sekanic Show Stables has you covered.  All we hope for is that at the end of the day you learned something new, found an appreciation for the horse you rode, found some success and realized that our lessons in the barn have set  you up for life success outside the ring as well. 

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