Lesson & Training Price List


Lessons and training sessions are offered either in packages at discounted rates or individually at full price.  Packages are pre-paid for on the first of the month and any individual lessons or training sessions taken outside of the lesson package the prior month will be billed the full amount on the first of the following month.  Due and payable upon the first of the month. In the event said payment is overdue by five (5) days, client is subject to a $15.00 late fee. In the event said payment is overdue by ten (10) days, client is subject to a second $25.00 late fee. Any lessons or training sessions that are pre-paid for but were cancelled 24 hours in advance will be eligible for a makeup lesson or training session. Makeup lessons or training sessions must be rescheduled and made up before the end of the billing cycle, unless the original lesson that was canceled was in the last week of the month; in this case, the lesson or training session can be carried over into the next month or billing cycle.  Lesson and training packages are non-refundable; therefore, the correct action to cancel and reschedule makeup lessons and training sessions is the responsibility of the rider/parent. Lessons and training sessions must be canceled 24 hours in advance. If a rider is later than 15 minutes to a lesson, the lesson will count as a lesson and will not be eligible for a makeup.  


Lesson Packages - Lesson packages are designed for riders that do not own their own horse and want to take lessons on a school horse or for those who just want to take lessons and don’t want training rides.  Lessons are priced at $50.00 per lesson when pre-paid for in a package at the beginning of the month. Lesson to lesson payments or any extra lessons beyond pre-paid packages will be billed at the full individual price lesson of $60. Lesson horses are only available for lessons for 6 months maximum. Due to a very limited amount of school horses; after 6 months, rider is expected to either lease or buy their own horse to continue riding with Reverie Equestrian. If this is not your intention, Reverie Equestrian is probably not the right fit for you; there are plenty of lesson programs out there geared for the lesson rider.  Reverie Equestrian is primarily a private show barn; therefore our horses and riders are competing 1-3 times per month. Lessons are offered Tuesday thru Friday 8am to 7pm and Saturday’s 8am to 3pm. (Lessons are to be 30-minutes to 1-hour depending on the lesson format and rider/ horse experience level and stamina)

  • 4 Lessons/ month: $200

  • 8 Lessons/ month: $400

  • 12 Lessons/ month: $600


Individually Billed Lessons - $60.00 per lesson