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At Sekanic Show Stables, showing is a fun way to showcase what you have worked so hard on at home. Whether you have been working to perfect your position for the equitation on the flat classes, making your turns tighter for the jump off, executing correct lateral work for the upper level equitation classes, getting around the outside twice in the crossrails, remembering your courses or throwing down the perfect hunter course, there is a place in the saddle for you at shows with us.  We try to make shows an educational experience for both students and horses alike.  When you show, it really is just another lesson, but with a judge's score and ribbons attached to it.  We make individual goals for both horse and rider at every show and strive to achieve them.  Shows are a great way to figure out what you need to continue working on at home to continue to improve to the best of your ability.  They also help you with real world applications like time management, professional appearance, sportsmanship, organization, dedication, tackling fears and anxiety and responsibility.  Most importantly though, we show to HAVE FUN even with the early mornings and late nights.  We are a Show Barn Family and those relationships grow at horse shows as we care for our horses, reach our goals, have barn dinners and cheer our family on!

Places we show at in Texas:

  • Tyler Rose Horse Park (USEF/USHJA)

  • Great Southwest Equestrian Center (USEF/USHJA)

  • Waco Extraco Events Center (USEF/USHJA)

Out of state Shows that show up on our calendar that can be agreed on by majority of clients include but not limited to Kentucky Horse Park , Colorado Horse Park, WEC Ohio, WEC Florida, WEF, Gulfport, GLEF, Tryon, Brownland, and for those that qualify: Harrisburg, Washington, Capital Challenge and The National Horse Show.

What to Expect:

We show mainly on the National USEF/USHJA circuit & from time to time we may choose to show at some local shows accredited by NTHJC or DHJSC. Please refer to our schedule and paperwork tab for pricing and event schedule.

National USEF/USHJA A or AA Horse Shows - priority scheduling

  • 1-4 weeks long of showing in Texas or out of state

  • Trainer will prep and show your horse during the week

  • Junior and Adult riders show Friday-Sunday or Saturday and Sunday

  • Higher level of riding competition, but still has room for beginner riders

  • Zone and National rankings and awards thru USHJA

  • Scholarships available to members who apply

  • Rewards available to members

  • Year End Banquet and Awards thru THJA

  • Cost dependent on location of show, see our Price List under the paperwork tab for more details

Local Horse Shows - dependent upon trainer/clientele

  • 1 Day or 1 Weekend of showing in North Texas within 250 mile radius of Sekanic Show Stables

  • Horse arrive to show day before show starts

  • Show Saturday and/or Sunday depending on schedule

  • Lower level of riding competition Walk-Trot Poles to 3'0

  • Cost dependent on location of show, see our Price List under the paperwork tab for more details

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