At Reverie Equestrian, training sessions and rides are offered to any age or skill level; basic groundwork, correct and basic dressage flatwork and jumping are to be taught to each horse by experienced trainer, Brittany Lowe.  Training sessions are to be challenging and educational for the horse, but will also be positive and patient experience.  Brittany prides herself on her patient teaching style; she knows that not every horse or person learn and develop from the same teaching style, so she tries to teach based off of each person’s or horse’s individual learning style.  She believes that positive reinforcement helps with the communication between horse and rider, and that crops and spurs should only be used when absolutely needed.  The horse should learn to carry itself through any task asked of it and should not need to be forced to do its job correctly.  Brittany takes on any horse; whether it has problems that need to be sorted through, needs to be broke to ride, is green or experienced in it's discipline.  Brittany loves a challenge, but also enjoys seeing a horse progress through the levels.  She finds that a horse's progression upward towards being a soft and supple well trained horse is one of the most rewarding prizes of being a horse trainer, not necessarily the ribbons won or money earned, even though it's a plus!  Brittany would do this for free if she could; it's her passion in life.

Training Packages (Training sessions are to be 30 minutes to one hour depending on the training session format and horse experience level and stamina.) The full training package is interchangeable with lessons(allowable up to 3 lessons per week with the full training package, 2 jumping lessons and 1 flat lessons.) The half training package is interchangeable with lessons(allowable up to one lesson per week.) Prices available to those that board at the facility with Reverie Equestrian only. These prices are available at discounted rates to encourage more riders and horses to be committed to consistency which in turn yields greater success at a faster rate. Lessons are offered Tuesday thru Friday 8am to 7pm and Saturday’s 8am to 3pm. 

  • Full Training - 4-5 training sessions per week = $500.00/month (up to 12 lessons per month)

    • Geared for the horse & rider in a competitive show program

    • 4 Season Worming Included

    • Scheduling and Holding for Approved Veterinarian Only Included

    • Scheduling and Holding for Approved Farrier Only Included

    • Blanketing and Feeding Program Planned and Supervised

    • Schooling Lessons and/or Rides at horse shows included

    • Guarantee if you have to cancel your lesson, your horse gets worked in place of lesson (one hour notice applies)

Individually Billed Training Ride - $50.00 per session